Jim Gleeson

Director – Social/ Urban Planner


Jim founded Plan C in 2005 around a personal vision to evolve and improve public space environments for young people. With the help of many talented team members and contributors, Plan C now stands as a multi-sector, multi-offer practice with a portfolio of successful projects across diverse sectors, communities and settings around Australia.

Jim is an Urban and Community Planner with 20 years...


Birdy Bird

Design & Development Lead


Birdy is an innovative community development worker who blends social and urban planning with sustainable economic development and architecture.

Birdy works with a holistic understanding of community needs, aspirations, and strategies through to project management and delivery of community led projects.

Birdy has worked on community infrastructure assessments; stakeholder engagement and community consultation; community and Indigenous Planning; and community development and capacity building projects.

Tom Bowers

Urban and Social Planner


Tom is an Urban and Social Planner with experience in a wide range of planning fields. Tom has recent experience in research, analysis, community development, community planning (indigenous) and engagement. He has strong skills in organisation and logic, which he applies to develop clear strategic plans.

Tom has a strong passion for environmental sustainability and has participated in the development of an...


Matilda Fairley

Community Development Officer


Matilda's background is in stakeholder engagement and land access in the resource industry and is the key contact for the McArthur River Mine Community Benefit Trust.

Matilda has been involved with a Shared Responsibility Agreement between an indigenous community, a mining company and all levels of government. The Agreement assisted with capacity building in the community through SME development.

Matilda has worked with stakeholder engagement and community consultation; social and economic impact assessment; social risk assessment; community planning; and community development and capacity building projects.

Mitch Gadek

Business Development Officer


Mitch is a young emerging entrepreneur who has a background founded in social awareness. He currently studies Business at QUT and is honing his skills in innovative thinking from hands on experience in social entrepreneur workshops run by the 'Young Entrepreneurs Project'. He has established his own business from seeing a gap in the market while living at college at the University of Queensland and intends to extend his knowledge of business and social growth into the future.

Coming from a regional area in Far North Queensland, Mitch has a keen appreciation of indigenous and social impact issues. He is keen to expand his knowledge of social impact issues and use his entrepreneurial skills to contribute to Plan C business practices.