BHP Billiton Mt Arthur Coal Sustainable Communities Project

Upper Hunter,
New South Wales (2010 - 2013)

A 'whole of Community' engagement program to determine the cumulative impacts of mining and how to address these impacts via community investments and collaboration.


Community Planning with Traditional Owner Groups

Far North Queensland (2013 - Present)

Community Planning with Aboriginal Groups to establish an agreed future vision across Community, Country, Economy and Culture and the strategies and steps required to achieve this vision.


Dundee Region Community Plan (Stage 1)

Dundee Progress Association,
Northern Territory (2011)

Creating a framework to maintain and improve resident's lifestyle in a rural and remote community.


Gold Coast Hospital Site, Southport, Social Impact and Opportunities Assessment

Queensland Department of Infrastructure,
Local Government and Planning (2012)

Integrating social outcomes into the redevelopment of a major site in Southport, Queensland.


Gold Coast Planning Scheme Review, Community Engagement Program

Gold Coast City,
South East Queensland (2009)

Maximising the opportunities for stakeholder and community input into the plan-making process.


Highland Reserve Residents and Friends Community Group

Stockland Corporation Limited,
Gold Coast (2012)

Creating connections, capacity and a structure to enable residents to activate the community and public open spaces in a new Greenfield development.


McKinlay Shire Community Plan

McKinlay Shire Council, Queensland (2010)

A plan to maximise economic and lifestyle opportunities for a remote Shire in the Gulf of Carpentaria.


South West Moree Social Plan

Moree Plains Shire Council (2015)

Keeping the needs of people and Community at the centre of renewal and revitalisation processes within South-West Moree.


North Lakes Young People's Activity Trails Strategy

Moreton Bay Regional Council,
South East Queensland (2012)

Incorporating connections and activities for young people into the existing built form, when the development of traditional youth spaces is constrained.


Children's Garden, Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

Gold Coast City Council (2007)

Engagement to inform the development of a world-class garden, play space and learning hub that stimulates the interaction and imagination of children of all abilities.


Redland Open Space Strategy 2026, Community Engagement Program

Redland City Council,
South East Queensland (2010 - 2012)

Identifying recreational activities the respond to local user's needs, create equity in recreation planning and promote health outcomes throughout a city.


Muswellbrook Aboriginal Capacity Building and Engagement Project

Mt Arthur Coal,
New South Wales (2011)

Building capacity of local Aboriginal group's in the Upper Hunter to maximize the benefits from the mining industry though participatory planning processes.


Social, Cultural and Community Services and Infrastructure Analysis for Blackwater and Moranbah

Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA), Bowen Basin, Queensland (2011)

Analysis to inform strategic planning in mining towns undergoing significant change (part of the Engaging in the Cauldron Project).


Southport Broadwater Parklands Master Plan, Community Engagement Program

Gold Coast City Council,
South East Queensland (2006)

Building the community's ideas and visions into the development of a major public space of citywide significance to the Gold Coast.


Warner Lakes Community Group

Peet Limited and Defence Housing Australia, South East Queensland (2014 – Present)

Bringing new and existing residents together to establish a sustainable Community Group to facilitate the continued delivery of events and Community development initiatives prior to the physical completion of the development.


Logan Active Youth Spaces Strategy and Fully Fest

Logan City Council (2005 - 2007)

A proactive approach to improving the lives of young people in Logan through inclusive public space activation and programming.


Gold Coast City Skate and BMX Strategic Development and Operational Plan

Gold Coast City Council (2007)

A sustainable approach to BMX and Skate facility development and management, integrated with Council planning and organisational processes.


Redlands Youth Plaza

Redland City Council (2007)

A world class skate and BMX facility and integrated youth space in Capalaba, located in the City of Redland. It opened to the appreciation of thousands of young people in December 2007.


Labrador Community Hub

Gold Coast City Council (2008)

Redevelopment of a former gymnasium, church, manse, shed and surrounding spaces into a new community hub for the Gold Coast.


Commercial Use of Open Public Space on North Stradbroke Island

Redland City Council (2009)

Ensuring sustainable use and enjoyment of cherished public open spaces on Minjerribah through the right balance of commercial and community uses.


Scarborough and Endeavour Parks, Community Engagement Program

Moreton Bay Regional Council, South East Queensland (2011)

Reinvigorating popular foreshore parklands based on the community's vision.