South East Queensland (2014 – Present)


Bringing new and existing residents together to establish a sustainable Community Group to facilitate the continued delivery of events and Community development initiatives prior to the physical completion of the development


  • Engagement with existing residents and potential purchasers to identify preferred activities and initiatives to activate the community
  • Facilitated the development of a self-sustaining community group with residents in Warner Lakes prior to the exit of the developers and discontinuation of previously provided events and other activities
  • Supported residents to deliver community activities and initiatives by building capacity and establishing an Incorporated NFP group

key success factors

There was a broad engagement program delivered to support the development of the community group, with over 150 residents and purchasers engaged throughout the process.

The Warner Lakes Community Group has already delivered a number activities and events, including:

  • Two events that have over 1,000 people attend in total
  • In particular, a multicultural festival delivered by the community with over 700 people in attendance, with 4 separate performances, and over 30 stalls from food vendors, local businesses and other community groups
  • Fundraising initiatives and grant applications


To activate the community group, Plan C delivered a number of stages in partnerships with Peet Limited and DHA, including:

  • Stage One:
    Preliminary consultation activities, including a community survey, pop-up workshops and coffee morning
  • Stage Two:
    Secondary consultation activities, including community workshops and research with external funding providers
  • Stage Three:
    Action planning to plan for the delivery of the community development activities in Warner Lakes
  • Stage Four:
    Implementation of the community development activities and initiatives in Warner Lakes.