Redland City Council, South East Queensland (2010 - 2012)

Redland Open Space Strategy 2026, Community Engagement Program

Identifying recreational activities the respond to local user's needs, create equity in recreation planning and promote health outcomes throughout a city.


  • An engagement program that identified the needs of open space users at a neighbourhood level, using a range of tools and techniques
  • Identified local, walkable neighbourhood catchments as a basis to planning
  • Established a range of activities (translated to standards of service) that meet the needs of local user groups based on the community profile, and cater for both ends of the lifecycle from toddlers through to octogenarians.

key success factors

Redland City Council identified 52 distinct neighbourhoods within their city, as safe, walkable areas within which people can identify (i.e. have a sense of place and belonging), establishing a logical, forward planning and investment approach.


A number of engagement activities and techniques were utilised by Plan C and Council, which included online and interview surveys, Speakouts, pop up workshops, and neighbourhood walk and talk days. Several years of community surveys in parks also backed up these findings.

Redland City Council's open space and parks planners also participated in the preparation of the city's Community Plan and through these conversations grew to have a better understanding of what members of the community liked to do in the open space and public realm.