Redland City Council (2009)

Commercial Use of Open Public Space on North Stradbroke Island

Ensuring sustainable use and enjoyment of cherished public open spaces on Minjerribah through the right balance of commercial and community uses.


North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) is a cherished resource of local, city-wide and regional significance, famous for its surf beaches, freshwater lakes, unique wetlands, and diverse flora and fauna.

The island's large range of public open spaces present wide scope for commercial leisure and recreation opportunities - including hang gliding, whale watching, rock climbing, 4WD tours, fishing, wind surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and weddings.

Considering the high demand being placed on North Stradbroke Island's public open spaces, Redland City Council identified the need to develop clear recommendations and guidelines for future commercial use of those spaces.

To assist Council develop a Strategic Directions Paper for Commercial Use of Public Open Space on North Stradbroke Island, consultancy Plan C was engaged to research information on commercial uses and other public space issues on the island.

  • Plan C identified the type, location and impact of lawful and unlawful commercial uses occurring on publicly owned land on North Stradbroke Island.
  • The study quantified economic benefits and adverse impacts of commercial uses, and identified emerging commercial uses.
  • Plan C also undertook a review of the policy and regulatory framework relating to commercial use of public space, and identified gaps in the existing governance framework.
  • Research included site analysis and interviews with business, Council officers, community groups, residents and site users.