Moreton Bay Regional Council, South East Queensland (2012)

North Lakes Young People's Activity Trails Strategy

Incorporating connections and activities for young people into the existing built form, where the development of traditional youth spaces is constrained.


  • A strategy that guides the development of youth trails that better service the needs of local young people in North Lakes, including skaters, BMX and scooter riders
  • Integrating activities for young people into the existing built form through a network of youth nodes, skate spots and dots, that contribute to better social and health outcomes
  • A network of safe and comfortable spaces for young people to participate in informal recreational activities and hang out, which are critical to their personal development

key success factors

A review of relevant documentation to determine existing and future youth facility and activity provision, community profile and demographics.

Consultation with internal and external stakeholder groups to identify opportunities and constraints for the development of youth connections and facilities.

Consultation with young people to identify popular youth hang out spaces in the built form, identifying differences in preferences between young men and women, during the week and on weekends to inform better planning.

Young people actively involved in the concept development process.


The Project Team developed a number of methods to collect data from different sources (i.e. primary and secondary) to understand the existing situation for young people and spaces in North Lakes, which included the following:

  • Background Research
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Site Analysis
  • Concept Design.

Findings from each data source were triangulated with other data sources to verify their validity. This method was used to justify recommendations for solutions in the concept design to improve connections and spaces for young people.