Mt Arthur Coal, New South Wales (2011)


Building capacity of local Aboriginal group's in the Upper Hunter to maximize the benefits from the mining industry though participatory planning processes.


  • Building on the outcomes of the Mt Arthur Coal Sustainable Communities Project, a further engagement process was conducted by Plan C with the Aboriginal community of Muswellbrook and surrounding areas
  • Determined the short-term priorities to be implemented by the mining industry to support increased collaboration with the Aboriginal community
  • Identified the needs of the local Aboriginal community to build their capacity to participate in local economic and community development
  • Determined the best strategies and methods for ongoing engagement with the Aboriginal community and inclusion in future projects and initiatives
  • Identified Aboriginal investment for priority projects that maximised successful project outcomes and capacity building opportunities

key success factors

A range of culturally appropriate engagement activities were delivered including:

  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Community barbecues and
  • Workshops.

High levels of engagement and dialogue were achieved to inform the development of recommendations, with over 100 Aboriginal stakeholders, and internal and resource industry stakeholders.