McKinlay Shire Council, Queensland (2010)

McKinlay Shire Community Plan

A plan to maximise economic and lifestyle opportunities for a remote Shire in the Gulf of Carpentaria


  • A strategy for the long-term future of the Shire and its people focussing on the needs of the communities of Julia Creek, McKinlay, Kyuna and Nellia and people living on their properties in the Shire.
  • Community Plan achieved a Commendation for Planning Excellence in Public Engagement and Community Planning Award from the Planning Institute of Australia, Queensland in 2011.

key success factors

Over 10 different consultation techniques and tools were used to directly engage 202 people, approximately 25.0% of the population in the Shire, via:

  • Phone interviews
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Online and hard copy surveys
  • Conversations in the main streets, pubs, and outback stations
  • Drop in sessions at the Dirt and Dust Festival
  • Workshops at local schools and other education establishments

A broad spectrum of the community was engaged through the process including state and local government officers, local businesses and shoppers, and station owners and workers. There were also a number of community organisations (approximately 34) and businesses (approximately 26) represented by respondents.

Development of four different strategy areas focussed on enhancing the community's opportunities for employment, education, sporting and leisure activities, and maximising the opportunities from the growth of the mining sector and via diversification of the economy.


The process for developing a Community Plan included:

  • Intelligence gathering and research
  • Talking with the community
  • Develop a 'Vision for McKinlay Shire
  • Draft Community Plan
  • Policy Adoption Phase.