Bark Architects and Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works (2017)

Logan Youth Foyer Stakeholder Engagement

Planning and facilitating stakeholder engagement to inform the design of a new Youth Foyer site in the Logan area.


  • An enjoyable, productive engagement process that addressed the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Almost all of stakeholders needs/requests from the first workshop were included in the preliminary design for the new Youth Foyer.
  • Positive feedback was received in the second workshop due to the successful design response to the first workshop.
  • Stakeholder engagement reporting provided quality feedback to Bark Architects to produce a design for the new Youth Foyer site.

key success factors

  • Both workshops were highly engaging and well attended by numerous stakeholders.
  • World Café style workshops allowed time and space for all stakeholders to have their needs heard.
  • Interactive Mentimeter App provided a fun and innovative way of seeing live feedback on key issues.
  • A responsive preliminary design from Bark Architects addressed the needs of stakeholders (particularly resident Young People)

Project Background:

  • The Logan Youth Foyer provides social and emotional support and long term supported accommodation for young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • The Department of Housing and Public Works commissioned the project, which was led by Bark Design Architects.
  • Our role in the design process was to facilitate two Stakeholder Design Workshops and undertake a Peer / Design review role on the project.