Logan City Council (2005 - 2007)

Logan Active Youth Spaces Strategy and Fully Fest

A proactive approach to improving the lives of young people in Logan through inclusive public space activation and programming


  • Innovative, engaging recreation infrastructure, events and activities for young people
  • Encouraged young people to get active and use local parks
  • Established Logan City Council as a leader in the provision of innovative and exciting youth recreation infrastructure in South East Queensland
  • Provided a range of opportunities appropriate to young people of both sexes to participate in regular physical activity
  • This landmark project won the 2006 Parks & Leisure Australia 'Open Space Management Award' for Queensland

key success factors

The consultation, research and space assessments undertaken with young people, service providers, Councillors, Council officers and other key stakeholders in development of the Logan Active Youth Space Strategy revealed an overwhelmingly strong need to activate youth spaces.

Activation ensures spaces are made attractive to a wide range of young people and facilitates increases in physical activity participation within the space. This activation approach, based on an inclusive and diverse events model, spaces, partnerships and high level involvement from young people, was very popular with local leaders who immediately showed support for the strategy.

The Strategy and Fully Fest events responded to the following objectives:

  • Attend to the needs and interests of the diverse range of young people in Logan through the provision of safe, accessible, inclusive, well-coordinated, affordable and responsive events program
  • Provide young people with opportunities to plan, deliver and participate in a complementary range of highly youth appropriate, traditional and non-traditional activities, including sport and other physical activity, as well as community recreation and creative activities
  • Support and encourage the diverse range of young people to develop positive and supportive relationships, links and networks in their community
  • Activate existing public space and facilities through the provision of youth events that make that space accessible to, and inclusive of, young people
  • Increase young people's levels of physical activity, and therefore, their fitness, health and over all wellbeing
  • Legitimise young people's use of public space and facilities, to raise the positive profile of young people in their communities, and to actively engage them in community life
  • Engender in young people a sense of community belonging and community pride
  • Develop young people's life and leadership skills through their active participation in the project, as well as provide hands-on training opportunities for event planning and delivery
  • Provide key, innovative consultation opportunities and processes to allow young people to input into decisions around the planning, design, implementation, management and evaluation of active youth spaces
  • To actively build and maintain strategic networks and partnerships with a range of community stakeholders, including youth services and agencies, sports providers, PCYC, schools, churches and religious organisations


  • Inclusive space
    creating an inclusive and welcome environment at events to encourage the greatest number of people to participate
  • Mixing it up
    highly diverse programming and infrastructure
  • Innovative consultation and evaluation tools and techniques
    not just surveys! We use video interviews and film, community events and other techniques that people actually enjoy participating in. Our programs are developed specifically for the groups we work with
  • Onsite consultation
    meeting people in spaces they use and talking about space within the space
  • Integrating consultation and evaluation outcomes into future plans
    the consultation outcomes are carried into future plans (such as youth space improvement, or future events) in a meaningful way
  • Collaboration
    hands on input and decision making
  • Keeping it Fresh
    quickly responding to people's preferences in programming