Stockland Corporation Limited, Gold Coast (2012)

Highland Reserve Residents and Friends Community Group

Creating connections, capacity and a structure to enable residents to activate the community and public open spaces in a new Greenfield development


  • Engagement with residents and neighbours to identify their needs for community development, and interest in developing a self-sustaining groups
  • Created governance framework and structures to support community development initiatives and activities that were delivered by residents and friends
  • An Incorporated NFP Community Group that can gain external grant funding
  • Capacity building with key group members to build the sustainability of the group

key success factors

A broad engagement program delivered to support the development of the community group, with over 200 community members and 30 other external stakeholders engaged throughout the process.

There were a number of community events that were delivered by residents and friends that included:

  • Street parties on Neighbour Day, which takes place every year in March
  • A number of Community events held in the Park on the weekends and public holidays
  • Successful Halloween, Easter and Christmas Events for children in the community and
  • Contributing to welcome events in the development, promoting the community to prospective buyers.

key success factors

Delivery of a number of community activities and eventsthat identified through the community engagement program, including:

  • Personal Trainer in the Park, provided as part of Gold Coast City Council's Active and Healthy Program
  • Free 5km Park Run each Saturday morning, which is extremely well attended, promoting better health outcomes in the community
  • Afternoon walkingand running groups, promoted through social media, encouraging community members to be active

A number of communication tools were developed to disseminate information throughout the community, including:

  • Facebook Page established and community volunteer moderators trained by Stockland, with over 2,000 followers
  • Dissemination of community safety information about extreme weather events and crime through the Face Book page, increasing community safety information
  • Community Noticeboard provided by Stockland and managed by the Community Group