Peet Limited (2016 - present)

Flagstone Community Engagement and Development Activation (CEDA) Plan and Program

Design and implementation of a holistic engagement and community development plan, which aims to improve social connections and community well-being in the new development area in south-west Brisbane.


  • A number of programs and events delivered including market stalls, outdoor cinemas, community education workshops and information sessions.
  • Assisting a new social and community group to meet regularly and help to build relationships with neighbours.
  • The new development area of Flagstone is a connected community and the social capital is providing safety and inclusivity for residents.
  • A vital connection between residents of Flagstone and the developer (Peet Limited) has been strengthened - residents have a say in how their community evolves and the reputation of Peet has been enhanced.

key success factors

  • Extensive and meaningful engagement with new and existing residents in the area to inform the Community Engagement and Development Activation (CEDA) Plan.
  • A number of key benefits, which guide implementation of the Plan:
    • More services, activities, facilities and programs
    • A greater sense of belonging
    • Opportunities to meet neighbours and form social connections
    • To feel valued
    • More involvement in civic life
    • Increased community capacity and sustainability, where some programs become community led and run in time
    • Improved community governance structures
    • Enhanced reputation of Flagstone
    • Improvements to health and wellbeing
  • Supporting new and existing community groups to connect with community members and achieve their aspirations.
  • Providing communication links between the developer (Peet) and local residents.

Community Activation Hub:

  • Plan C is leading a collaborative model to plan for the early delivery of a Community Hub in Flagstone.

  • Working with Peet, Logan Together and Logan City Council, we have assisted with the delivery of workshops to identify the physical space needs, potential programs and operational requirements.

  • Plan C has also developed potential designs for the Hub and is now involved in the process of acquiring Expressions of Interest (EOI) to operate from the space.