Dundee Progress Association, Northern Territory (2011)

Dundee Region Community Plan (Stage 1)

Creating a framework to maintain and improve resident's lifestyle in a rural and remote community.


  • A Plan that provides practical and actionable recommendations to deliver the community's vision over 12 months
  • Provided a mandate, based on consultation outcomes, for the Dundee Progress Association (DPA) to progress community development outcomes in the Dundee Region, an unincorporated area in the Northern Territory
  • Created an evidence base for DPA to leverage Federal and Territory Government Grants to action recommendations

key success factors

A bespoke program of participatory planning activities (i.e. surveys, pop-up workshops and meetings) was designed with this rural and remote community in mind. Around 189 community members participated in the consultation activities, comprising 23% of the resident population, making it a highly representative sample.


Plan C developed the Community Plan from sound analysis of community issues, including community and stakeholder analysis, research into appropriate governance models, future development options, and demographic assessment.

From research and outcomes of community engagement, Plan C developed a number of practical and actionable recommendations to support the community, including:

  • Priority Infrastructure projects
  • Programs
  • Information and knowledge sharing
  • Guidance for improved community governance