Gold Coast City Council 2007

Gold Coast City Skate and BMX Strategic Development and Operational Plan

A sustainable approach to BMX and skate facility development and management, integrated with Council planning and organisational processes. Supporting and building the culture of skaters and BMX riders on the Gold Coast to take ownership of these assets.


  • Developed using a combined 'top down' strategic and 'bottom up' collaborative approach, consultation with key groups and an audit of the existing facilities
  • Skate and BMX Strategy provides direction on capital works, facility management and operation, an asset and risk management plan and detailed operational plan
  • Led to the employment of full-time Outdoor Youth Space Officer, the first position of its kind in Australia
  • It was recommended that 15 new facilities be developed and 16 existing facilities required major upgrading to close the gap in facility provision across the City
  • 24 minor upgrades were also proposed for 19 facilities

key success factors

In late 2007, Gold Coast City Council adopted the Strategy, which guided the successful delivery of appropriate skate and BMX facilities for young people across the Gold Coast for ten years.

Adoption of this Strategy enables the Gold Coast to become internationally renowned for creative and participatory approaches to activate safe, well-located and accessible skate and BMX facilities, and inclusive, diverse spaces capable of supporting a wide range of activities and users.

Important to the success of the Strategy was ensuring the public are part of the development and maintenance of facilities. Fostering a sense of ownership through activation, participation in management and decision making and economic development through marketing associated with the facility will be crucial to Council and other organisations being able to successfully maintain a vibrant and relevant space that caters for a wider range of user groups.